jen and i skyped with a family from england last saturday morning. justin and jane, and their son felix. they live about a mile from the college i’ll be studying at, and they have a mother-in-law suite adjacent to their home that they were hoping to rent out to a student. they’re both oxford alums.

their home is quite large, particularly for english standards. and they live in a beautiful part of oxford (click any of the photos to see a larger version).

after speaking over e-mail and skype, we found out monday that they’ve offered the suite to us. to live in for at least two months, and we’ll see whether it’ll work out as a longer-term option after we’ve been there.

the suite has its own separate entrance, a living room / dining room with tv and dvd player, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and an office space.

it’ll be quite a bit smaller than what we’re used to here (of course), but it should work out perfect. it’s really close to my school, walking distance to the market and only a five-minute walk to the river.

we’re pretty excited to have a family living right next door, too. it’ll be nice to have people we already know waiting for us when we arrive. they seem great, and it should make for an easier transition to our new home.