Keble College

I must’ve been bragging too much about the weather here. “It’s been beautiful,” I said… “It’s so sunny,” I said… Yeah, well, not today. Apparently England has got a reputation to keep, because today brought the rain.

I had a 2:00 meeting at Keble College this afternoon (pronounced “Keeble,” like the elves, minus the “er”). Keble’s a beautiful college. You can’t see any of this from the street. Just walls. And the rooftops. But you can’t see the grounds. And I don’t believe they’re open to tourists. Most colleges aren’t.

I was heading to Keble to work on some Greek. And I was drenched by the time I got there.

Chris, the guy I was meeting up with, greeted me at the front gate.

“You look miserable,” he said as I entered.

“Yeah, well, I’m drenched and I get to come study Greek.”

“So how has your week been? Has this been par for the course?”

“Well, it hasn’t been rainy…” I said.

More Greek

I spent the rest of the day in the library. Studying Greek. I’d like to say I am ahead for when Jen and Steve arrive, but this is just me staying on top of things.

I had my Gospels & Jesus tutorial this afternoon. We were talking about the Synoptic Problem. Felt like I was trudging through waist-deep snow. Or watching Inception. But it’s good stuff. And it’s challenging. The kind of challenge I enjoy.

I really am learning loads here. I’m reading tons. And I’m expected to be able to discuss and defend my thoughts on the reading every week. And I love it.

After my tutorial, it was back to the library. At Harris Manchester. That place is feeling like home. I’m just waiting for them to ask me for my rent.

One More Day

I left the library about 9 tonight. Several other people were still there. I wasn’t able to check out the Lewis Society Lecture this evening. Just too much to get done. It felt great to slip outside, hop on the bike and float through the Oxford night air after a full day of studies.

My wife arrives in one day. Well, actually, less than 12 hours now. I am so excited. We Skyped tonight. As she was preparing to board her flight. I told her how thankful I was that she had agreed to go along with this crazy idea. That she had agreed to say goodbye to all of her family so we could go after this dream of mine. I told her I loved her. And that I’d see her soon.

It’s been over three weeks now since we were together. We haven’t been apart this long since we were dating in college. It’ll be great to see here again.

I know Jen has a ton of people back home who’re going to miss her greatly, and who really hated to tell her “goodbye.” Thanks for not tying her down and holding her back from leaving. I appreciate it.

And my best friend, Steve, is coming out as well. Still can’t believe he’s flying out here just like that. He is the most incredible friend I could ask for.

His birthday was this past Sunday. I felt really bad I couldn’t be there for it. He told me the other night that this trip is his birthday present to himself. So cool.

I thought I’d do a little something for him. Since he’s coming all the way to Oxford and all. Here’s what I did this evening, in-between Greek flash cards.

When I talked to Steve this evening, he told me I’d better have made something for them for when they arrive. Something sweet. Funny. He has no idea.


If you haven’t already, check out our About Us page. It talks a bit about why we’re here. What brought us here. That kind of stuff. It’s a pretty amazing story. And one I certainly can’t take credit for. You can read the longer version here, if you are interested.

Since the name of this blog is Ryan&JenGoToEngland, I kind of feel like this has just been the prologue up to this point. I hope you’ve enjoyed it so far, but I feel like now the real story is beginning. And I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

By the way, I’ve got a surprise for Jen & Steve. Any idea what it might be?… No, it’s not the cake. Guess you’ll find out tomorrow.